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At Dusk Review

At Dusk


February 16, 2022

New Adult - Fantasy - Romance


It was a typical college day racing through the nearby woods. Well, typical for a vampire anyway. Ethan was always searching for his “thing” that made him stand out from the rest of his vampire friends, but he could never quite pinpoint what that was. Then he saw her…

Holly felt she had finally found a safe haven at university, but that quickly changed when a member of her previous pack found her. If Ethan hadn’t stepped in when he did, she would have been killed. Yet, werewolves and vampires cannot coexist… or can they?

Available only through subscribing to her newsletter, Jennifer Snyder’s At Dusk is a testament to her craft. An alluring plot line, lovable characters, and exquisite spelling and grammar, this standalone has it all.

However, a perfect 5-star rating is slightly depleted as there are several instances of profanity. Add in a couple general descriptions of sexual activity and a 4 out 5 stars is the end result.

A great depiction of Jennifer’s writing style, At Dusk is a great introduction to her work. Or, if already familiar, consider it another outstanding book added to her ever-growing repertoire.

Although this story is categorized as new adult, some actions may be disturbing to some. Please take note of the following: Physical altercations, murder, drug and alcohol use, homelessness, revenge, bounty, suicide, death on a campus, stabbing, ambush, head injury, stalker, betrayal, hands tied, deceit, traitor.

Thank you to #AtDusk, and #JenniferSnyder, for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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