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Asbury High and the MisTaken Identities

Asbury High and the MisTaken Identities

Purple Milk Publishing

September 14, 2020

Mystery - Young Adult


Ready to get back to the routine of a typical high school student; Maddie, Cornelious, Carly, and Pilot are anxious to start their sophomore year. Between athletic championships, budding romances, and homework, they have enough on their plates. Nonetheless, when money begins to disappear from fellow Asburians’ bank accounts, the foursome gets swept into the nuances of solving another case.

The teenage sleuths of Asbury return to solve another conundrum in Asbury High and the MisTaken Identities. The third book in Kelly Brady Channick’s The Asbury High Series, she delivers yet another enticing story. True to a young adult mystery, there is a lack of profanity as well as religious and sexual content.

However, the inaccuracy in regards to spelling and grammar disturb the riveting plot line, bringing down the rating to a 4 out of 5 stars.

A novel created for detective enthusiasts alike, Kelly Brady Channick’s Asbury High and the MisTaken Identities keeps one wanting more.

As with any whodunit, there may be some events that may cause one distress. Should any of the following have a negative effect for you, please read with caution: identity theft, sabotage, thievery, bullying, gang, physical altercations, alcohol consumption, hacking, fraud, slashed tires, bribery, arrest, retaliation, bias, breaking and entering, entrapment.

Thank you to #AsburyHighAndTheMisTakenIdentites, #AsburyHighSeries, #KellyBradyChannick and #PurpleMilkPublishing for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

*Please note, although can be read as a standalone, to fully obtain the top experience intended, this series is best read in consecutive order.

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