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Asbury High and the Parcels of Poison Review

Asbury High and the Parcels of Poison

Purple Milk Publishing

May 25, 2020

Mystery - Young Adult


Their first year of high school is finally complete, and the Asbury foursome are looking forward to a summer of relaxation and hanging at the beach, including dining at their favorite pancake and taco establishment.

But when a new pancake house and a series of illnesses threaten to close down their favorite restaurant, their relaxing summer is quickly replaced with their own investigation. Will they be able to figure out the truth before an icon of their small town is gone forever?

Maddie, Cornelious, Carly, and Pilot are at it again in Kelly Brady Channick’s Asbury High and the Parcels of Poison, the second book in The Asbury High Series. Clear of any profanity, religious content, or sexual references, this mystery is meant for readers of all ages.

Unfortunately, though, the grammatical errors along with several spelling mistakes are a little distracting. This caused one to lose complete immersion in the plotline resulting in 4 out of 5 stars.

An amusing and engaging story, Kelly Brady Channick’s Asbury High and the Parcels of Poison, is a great addition to the Asbury High Series.

Should any of the following be stressful to you, please take necessary precautions: physical altercations, deceit, arrest, slander, bullying, thievery, break-ins, stolen car, gangs, vandalism, claustrophobia, food poisoning, respiratory arrest, sabotage, losing sight, health code violations, hospitalization, paralysis, gun violence, hostages, assault.

Thank you to #AsburyHighAndTheParcelsOfPoison, #AsburyHighSeries, #KellyBradyChannick and #PurpleMilkPublishing for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

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