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Blood Brothers Review

Blood Brothers


July 23, 2021

Suspense Romance


What would you do for those you love?

Sarah loves her husband, so when his organs start to fail, she knows she has to find a donor. When she finds out about a secret half-brother, she does not let the fact that he is in prison for murder stop her.

Dylan was convicted of a murder he claims he did not commit. When Sarah comes along to ask for his blood, he knows he has to take advantage. Striking a deal: his blood in return for a lawyer, he finally has hope that the truth will be revealed.

In Donna Jean Picerno’s Blood Brothers, she demonstrates how love can prevail when going through the depths of despair. A story with borderline profanity, little to no sexual or religious content, and a few spelling and grammatical errors, a quick and enjoyable read was created.

Although categorized as a suspense romance, this book leaned more towards romance than suspense. This led to expecting a situation to turn dicey and ended with some disappointment. Additional suspense would have amplified the storyline and resulted in a higher rating. Therefore, 4 out of 5 stars is given.

Yet, this tale is not all sunshine and roses, so please use caution if triggered by any of these events: leukemia, stem cell donation, heart attack, murder, incarceration, car accident, mental illness.

All things considered, a novel depicting how there is always a silver lining when the clouds seem too dark. To see it, you just need to focus on faith, family, and love.

Thank you to #AuthorsXP, #BloodBrothers, and #DonnaJeanPicerno, for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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