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Canary and the Mothman Review

Canary and the Mothman

FowlBird Publishing

October 31, 2020

Historical Fiction


At the tender age of five, Jesse Ridge was a working man. Stripped of his childhood by his abusive Granny and Uncle he was forced to help with the family business of making moonshine. In an attempt to keep his mother, brother, and cousin safe, Jesse knew he had to stay silent. After four years of never-ending assault, Jesse had had enough, and ran away. Hoping to escape, he soon realizes leaving your past behind is not an easy task.

Follow along as Jesse confronts battle after battle in Emory Moon’s Canary and the Mothman. Based on true events, this story is difficult to comprehend the truth that lays underneath it. This book is a testament to an unrelenting show of courage, determination, and strength through times of not only war and depression throughout the world, but within one’s home and mind.

Although an immersive read from the beginning, the plot gets a little confusing towards the end. The timeline starts to jump around plus the viewpoints of other characters come in to play, making the story line a challenge to follow. There is also moderate sexual content, as well as a few spelling and grammatical errors, resulting in a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

Keep in mind, this is not an undemanding read. There are numerous descriptions of horrific acts that occur within the pages that can be difficult to read. These acts include: sexual and physical abuse between adults and minors, murder, alcohol and drug use, depression, suicide, and racism. If triggered by any of these, please take caution, as a vivid and lucid picture is presented.

Overall, a chilling rendition to the repercussions an adult can face from living in an abusive childhood from the perspective of a male. Kudos to Emory Moon for relaying this issue and bringing it to the forefront.

Thank you to #VoraciousReadersOnly, #CanaryAndTheMothman #EmoryMoon and #FowlBirdPublishing for the opportunity to review this book.


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