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Finding James Review

Finding James


March 27, 2019

Women's Fiction - Romance


Karen is a strong independent woman who does not think she needs anyone to survive. However, when she finds her husband with another woman, followed quickly by her father being diagnosed with cancer, she soon realizes she's not as in control as she thought. After eight years of being away from her hometown, Karen returns, forcing her to relive painful memories. Reconnecting with her parents, friends, ex-boyfriend, as well as others in the small town, a web of misconstrued events begin to unwind.

Nancy Blaha's "Finding James" is a story of strength, courage, and faith. She takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery, demonstrating that life is not always as it seems. Now a days, I feel people are quick to judge. They think they know the circumstances behind someone’s actions even though they have no idea. No one ever really knows all of another person’s story, yet we seem to respond as if we do.

This book helped me to stop and look inward. I found myself checking to see if I was misunderstanding the intent of others in my life. Am I feeling resentment towards one of my family members or friends? Do I ensure I am not looking at a situation as face value, but having the knowledge that there is more than what meets the eye?

I was also able to look at my relationship with God. Do I have one? Do I trust Him? Is there a reason for everything? Am I angry with Him for the way things turned out? Even though one of the characters in this book is a Pastor, I did not feel this was a religious book, it just helped me to look at my own beliefs.

Although the overall story was enjoyable, I did feel the main character's actions were a little repetitive. It seemed to slow the pace of the storyline down towards the middle, but the other characters were able to pull it through to the end. I also did not get the emotional reaction I normally would. It seemed I was only reading the words on the page rather than the emotion behind those words.

There were a few grammatical errors, but not enough to distract the reader from following along. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. The storyline was intriguing, but I felt it difficult to connect with the characters and it was slow moving at times.

None the less, I believe this is a good book for anyone who is experiencing self-doubt or reevaluating their own relationships. All in all, Nancy Blaha helps the reader learn that there is always more to everyone’s story.


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