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Interland Review


GCL Books

April 20, 2021

Fantasy - Young Adult - Dystopia


It’s been two years since Jay, Stitch, Cassie, and Sammy entered the Interland. As the outside world continued to fall to the Readers, the Given felt safe within its walls. Then when Cassie and Rueben do not return from their mission as runners, reality of their possible extinction sinks in. Determined to save her friend, Jay and Stitch leave the safety of the Interland in order to save Cassie. However, the Readers have other plans. Will Jay be able to save her friends and all the Given, or is this the beginning of their demise?

Once again, Gary Clark brings the world of the Given to life in his book Interland. The second book of the Interland Trilogy, Gary continues to create epic imagery, fantastic characters, and unexpected twists. Mixing Fantasy with Mystery, this is one that was difficult to put down.

With little to no profanity, sexual content, and spelling and grammatical errors, there is no reason to not award a perfect score. Therefore, a rating of 5 out of 5 stars is given to this incredible story.

Unlike the first book in the trilogy, there a few events that may cause alarm in some readers. Please take a bit of caution if triggered by amputation, prosthetics, or depression.

Another novel within the Interland Trilogy that went above and beyond. With November 20, 2021 marked on the calendar, the release of the third and final book in this series is anxiously being awaited.

Thank you to #Interland, #GaryClark, and #GCLBooks, for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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