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Lin Su Yoshimura - The Days of Darkness Review

Lin Su Yoshimura - The Days of Darkness

Groove Productions

November 14, 2020

Fiction - Crime - Action - Thriller


Lin Su Yoshimura was labeled a half-breed given her father’s Japanese heritage and her mother’s Chinese. Seeking her place within the two communities, she turned all her strength and energy into her martial arts training. By the time she was seventeen, she had mastered techniques in Kung Fu, Samurai, and Bushido. She finally felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but the world had different plans. JC Walker takes his readers on an inside look of what it takes to run a drug trade operation in Lin Su Yoshimura - The Days of Darkness. It is apparent due diligence was completed to ensure accuracy not only within the drug cartels, but military practices and procedures as well as martial arts trainings. The amount of detail expressed through the pages made the reader feel they were a part of the action. Yet, the detail does paint a gruesome picture. Walker does not hold back when it comes to the gory intricacies of the heinous crimes. Nor does he restrain on the amount of profanity his characters utilize. In addition, there is moderate sexual content, inconsistencies throughout the timeline, slight references to Buddism, plus some grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors. Therefore, a rating of 3 out of 5 stars is given. Please note, given the content is heavily ingrained with crime, caution is recommended for the following triggers: gang bangs, miscarriage, drug addition, gun violence, murder, kidnapping, bullying, alcoholism, sex trafficking, physical abuse, and racism. Overall, a fast-paced action packed read, recommended for anyone interested in an inside look into drug related crimes and everything that goes along with it. Thank you to #VoraciousReadersOnly, #LinSuYoshimuraTheDaysOfDarkness #JCWalker and #GrooveProductions for the opportunity to review this book.


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