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Lost in Dara

Lost in Dara

Brewster Publishing

July 7, 2024

Fantasy - Young Adult


Jack has always struggled to fit in and his white eyes never made it any easier. Add his sisters’ medical conditions, with the need to protect them, and school expulsion was the least of his problems.


So, when their dad moves them to his hometown, Jack and his sisters expect the same ridicule they have always experienced. Unfortunately, this was the case until they found a secret room in their house.


Curious of the items found within, Jack and his sisters are thrown into another world, where his sisters are considered remarkable and Jack is still an outcast, or is he…


Embark on an astonishing journey into a world of magic, intrigue, and exploration with Lost in Dara. The first in Robert Barrett’s The Kaleidoscope Chronicles, one is quickly immersed into the turmoil of three siblings whose extraordinary bond allows them to continually elude those wishing them harm.


Geared towards young adult readers, Barrett ensures his book can be enjoyed by all. A lack of profanity, sexual content, and spelling errors along with minimal grammatical errors confirms his intent, resulting in 5 out of 5 stars.


Kicking the series off with a bang, Robert Barrett’s Lost in Dara, sets the tone of The Kaleidoscope Chronicles. With this book releasing July 7, 2024, readers will be anxiously awaiting the continuation of this invigorating adventure.


As with most books relating to issues of young adults there may be instances that may be alarming to some. Please read with caution should any of the following effect you: physical fight (including bloody nose and bruising), bullying, suspension, expulsion, death of parent, self-harm, medical conditions, prosthetic, ridicule, unconsciousness, blindness, broken bones, arrest, bound wrists, prisoner, betrayal, thievery, depression, sword fights, mercenaries, homesickness, attempted murder, fugitives, war, alcohol consumption, drugs, and banishment.


Thank you to #LostinDara, #TheKaleidoscopeChronicles, #RobertBarrett and #BrewsterPublishing for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book and give my honest review.


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