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Lost Wolf Review

Lost Wolf

Gosser Publishing

August 29, 2021

Fantasy - Dystopia - Werewolves


A war has rained down on yet another pack. Determined to save as many of his own, a picker scrounges for the wounded to take them safety. Numerous rouge wolves have found refuge within their ranks yet for some reason his inner wolf does not like them. How many will he be able to save before there is no one left?

Alana Ash’s Lost Wolf, is a twenty-two-page excerpt to the prequel Lost Fate. A quick look from Erebus’ point of view, Alana draws the tragic picture of war. One can feel the anguish of Erebus as he scavenges for his family, his pack, causing the words on the page to consume their reader.

With an absence of spelling or grammatical errors, it is unfortunate that the amount of profanity is abundant for so few pages of text. So, a rating of 4 out of 5 stars is the result.

Please note, even though this is a short excerpt, the foundation is about war. Therefore, the following may be triggering: stabbing, mangled and bloody bodies, PTSD, death of child, and murder.

A quick read from inside Erebus’ mind; one not only visualizes the gruesome details, but one feels the heartbreak as well.

Thank you to #LostWolf, #ShifterZionNewGenesisWarSeries, #AlanaAsh, and #GosserPublishing for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

Review of the prequel in this series, Lost Fate, can be found at:


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