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Majyk Reborn Review

Majyk Reborn


June 28, 2018

Fantasy - Paranormal - Magic - Young Adult


Calista was certain that when her memories returned everything would make sense. Yet, the more she remembers the more confused she gets. Torn between the images in her own mind and the depictions from those closest to her, she struggles to find the truth. Is she actually the good person her friends describe, or will reality reveal something much more sinister?

Explore the lands of Skazka in Valia Lind’s Majyk Reborn. The second installment to The Skazka Chronicles, Valia entwines doubt, exploration, loyalty, and admiration into an explicit tale. Interlace the experience with battles, manipulation, and treachery, and this book will have you staying up all night.

Combine the story with an absence of profanity, sexual content, as well as spelling nor grammatical errors and one obtains a novel of superior writing quality. Accordingly, a rating of 5 out of 5 stars is given.

Set around a war, some events may cause one distress. Please read with caution if affected by any of the following: mutilated and bloody bodies, murder, war, betrayal, deceit, earthquake, abandonment, knife and sword violence, kidnapping, banishment, imprisonment, panic attacks, memory loss, isolation, burnt flesh, and decapitation.

A continuation of The Skazka Chronicles, Majyk Reborn, weaves itself into the minds of any fantasy reader.

Thank you to #MajykReborn, #TheSkazkaChronicles, and #ValiaLind, for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

*Please note to fully obtain the top experience intended, this series is best read in consecutive order.

Review of the first book in this series, Remembering Majyk, can be found at:


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