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Majyk Reclaimed Review

Majyk Reclaimed


December 14, 2018

Fantasy - Paranormal - Magic - Young Adult


Calista is learning not everything is as it seems. Aligned with a monster and betrayed by her queen, Calista questions where the truth lies. Determined to save Skazka and its people, she sets off on a quest to find answers. Even if that means paying the ultimate sacrifice.

Valia Lind scatters any preconceived notions in Majyk Reclaimed. The final volume of The Skazka Chronicles, Valia throws caution to the wind and takes readers on a voyage they never saw coming.

Add an exquisite writing proficiency and one will not find any spelling nor grammatical errors. Complete with a nonexistence of profanity and sexual content and 5 out of 5 stars is a deserved rating.

Given the series revolves around a war. Please read with caution if any of the following may cause you distress: mutilated and bloody bodies, burnt flesh, knife and sword violence, betrayal, deceit, physical attack, burned house, war, memory loss, incapacitation, tornado, murder, delirium, trauma, poisoning, banishment, prison, coma, and panic attacks.

An unbelievable conclusion to The Skazka Chronicles, Majyk Reclaimed, is beyond the valiant ending admirers anticipated.

Thank you to #MajykReclaimed, #TheSkazkaChronicles, and #ValiaLind, for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

*Please note to fully obtain the top experience intended, this series is best read in consecutive order.

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