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Missed Me Review

Missed Me

Independent Book Publishers Association

October 18, 2021

Mystery - Thriller - Suspense


Mabel is overwhelmed with running her diner and motel, plus trying to spend time with her boys and niece. She wants to say “no” when she is asked to help with a missing girl case, but her heart aches for the girl and her mom.

Using her skills as a private investigator, she links eight missing girls to the drug lord, Larson. Collaborating with the DEA to rid Larson and his crew from the town, she ends up becoming a target. Will she be able to find the girls and provide the evidence needed to bring Larson down or will he destroy her and everything she loves?

Once again, the town of Blue River is brought to life in Trevor Wiltzen’s Missing Me. Bursting with immense imagery, the reader is absorbed within the second book of the Mabel Davison Series. Captivated to continuing “watching” the story unfold, the pages keep turning.

Although written with several instances of profanity, given the character’s personalities, it does not take away from the novel. Nonetheless, a rating of 4 out 5 stars is given.

Set in a scene of numerous illegal activities, please take caution as some actions may cause distress. These triggers include: Alcohol and drug consumption, racism, white supremacy, assault, rape, abduction, suicide, and gun violence.

Overall, an enthralling second book to the Mabel Davison Series. Make sure to mark your calendars and grab this book when it releases on October 18, 2021.

Thank you to #BookSirens, #MissedMe, and #TrevorWiltzen for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

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