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Mortal Secrets Review

Mortal Secrets


November 4, 2021

Fantasy - Urban - Angels/Demons


Ana Calliope Holt is a demon hunter. Ok, so maybe not your typical demon hunter, but demon vermin need to be taken care of too, right? Granted, it does not pay very well, but a job is a job. At least that is what she keeps telling herself.

That is why she typically offers favors in exchange for things she needs. Yet, when she traded two favors for some information on a particular sword, she never saw the heap of trouble coming. Now, not only do the favors and troubles keep adding up, but her secret may be exposed, and she definitely cannot let that happen.

Become entangled with mischief and adventure in Isa Medina’s Mortal Secrets. A twist on the typical demon hunter tales, the narration and nonconformity will have you rolling. Topped with a hint of mystery, romance, and explicit imagery, one will become delighted.

Although an interesting storyline, the main character seemed to repeat the same actions with different environments. However, this may be due to familiarizing the reader to all the characters and multiple complexities. Even though most of the profanity was either borderline or references (ex: middle finger), there were more than ten instances. Therefore, a 3 out of 5 stars is the outcome.

All in all, a great concept caught in the introductory aspects of a new series. Nonetheless, with the release of the second book coming February 2022, the Realms Unleased: Red Angel Series can and will bring numerous fans to this angelic, demonic, and fantastical world.

Thank you to #BookSirens #MortalSecrets, and #IsaMedina for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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