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Roaring Reviews Return

Wow. I cannot believe it has been almost a year since my last review. My deepest apologies to all of you.

Living with chronic pain, aging parents, and a growing young man has many of its difficulties, and I have been dealing with a lot of them. My physical pain as well as emotional struggles have been on an all-time high and finding the courage to function has been a challenge.

Yet, reading has kept me going and I have been enjoying some AMAZING stories written by many of you. So, words cannot express how grateful I am to have found this community and I hope to continue to grow within.

All that said, I miss sharing my joy of your writings and have a desire to get back to it. Therefore, I am officially announcing my return to writing some roaring reviews and what better way to do that then my first book box!

*Book Box courtesy of Robert Barrett

Thank you to all who have supported me throughout and I look forward to creating more connections as well as increasing my love for reading and helping to spread the word.

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