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Salvage the Bones Review

Salvage the Bones

Bloomsbury USA

August 30, 2011

Fiction - Contemporary


The only female in the midst of a bunch of boys, Esch knows how to take care of herself. Losing her mother while giving birth to her youngest brother, she grows up way to fast, but with an abusive drunk father, what choice does she have? With the help of her two older brothers, an unbreakable family bond is created, even when their world is threatened by hurricane Katrina.

In Salvage the Bones, Jesmyn Ward takes you to the middle of an ever-growing storm, and not just relating to the weather. Held inside the mind of the main character, the reader glimpses what it is like to live in poverty within a small town of Mississippi. Jesmyn demonstrates what is required for a family of five to survive through strength, agility, and above all, love.

Yet, this was a difficult read. Not only were numerous triggers included from abuse, dog fights, stealing, and sexual misconduct, the profanity was so frequent, one can easily lose track of what is happening. Given a mere 2 out of 5 stars, this book was overcome with distain and vulgarity.

The book has a great storyline with lots of potential; but unfortunately, it was lost between the pages of raunchy words. If profanity and the above-mentioned triggers do not bother you, then this book may be for you, however, it was not for me.


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