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Shadow Heist Review

Shadow Heist


January 28, 2022

Fantasy - Urban - Dark


What do you get when you cross a sacked detective, with a talking sword, an inebriated bruiser, a drug dependent slayer, and a perplexed magician? An ace of a combat team.

Abadare Glynt is struggling to make ends meet. A year after being fired from the organization, he cannot seem to catch a break. So, when a well-known criminal lord wants to hire him to acquire a music box for twenty grand and a crew, he figures why not? He’s at rock bottom, only way to go is up, right?!?

Kit Hallows attracts readers with a mish mash of characters in Shadow Heist. With a delivery of non-stop action, idiosyncratic mockery, and unforeseen obstacles, Kit brings a wide array of conflict to a seemingly mundane task. The result of which is a storyline that keeps dark fantasy enthusiasts rolling with laughter, cringing with fear, and turning those pages.

He also shows his proficiency as a writer with a shortage of spelling and grammatical errors. In addition, there is no sexual content. However, the amount of profanity was excessive and overshadowed much of the story. Therefore, a rating of 4 out of 5 stars is given.

Please take caution when reading if any of the following may cause you distress: violence (gun, knife, and sword), mangled and bloody bodies, job termination, alcohol and drug consumption, murder, deceit, betrayal, prison, hand to hand combat, abduction, bomb, decapitation, assassination, kidnapping, psychotic break, weapons dealers, migraines, gangs, blackmail, human trafficking, poison, bank foreclosure, stalker, arrest, money laundering, homelessness, house fire, paranoia, depression, and thievery.

The beginning of The Nightkind Series, Shadow Heist, is an introduction to a force in which fans cannot help but be enthralled with.

Thank you to #ShadowHeist, #TheNightkindSeries, and #KitHallows, for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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