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Small Great Things Review

Small Great Things

Ballantine Books

October 11, 2016

Fiction - Contemporary


Three different people. Three different backgrounds. Three different views.

Turk Bauer is excited to raise his baby boy within the community of the superior white race. Yet, an unexpected event causes his son to enter cardiac arrest at the tender age of three days. Devasted by his loss, he knows there is only one person responsible and he wants justice.

Ruth Jefferson has been a nurse for over twenty years. Seen as a role model to other nurses with the Labor and Delivery department at her hospital, she is thrown when her supervisor removes her from the Bauer’s care. Targeted for the newborn’s untimely death and shaken with uncertainty, she may need to let her public defender take the reins.

Kennedy McQuarrie is ready to take her career to the next level, so when she is assigned to Ruth’s case, she grabs the opportunity. Influenced by the unwritten rules of the court she focuses on the technicalities versus the hidden truth behind the charges. None the less, determined to get an acquittal for her client, she may need to dig deep and reevaluate her approach.

As their paths collide in to each other, will any of them come out unscathed?

A modern day To Kill a Mockingbird, Jodi Picoult’s Small Great Things follows a court drama which brings the continued issue of racism to the forefront. Jodi pulls the reader inside the minds of three diverse characters with distinctive facets on community. Her due diligence and passion of the topic unfold into vast visions across one’s mind through her words, leaving her readers feeling as though they are watching from the gallery.

With more than 10 instances of profanity and some detail of sexual acts, a rating of 4 out of 5 stars is awarded. However, given the personality of her white supremacist character, and his colleagues, the amount of profanity and sexual content is necessary to get him to come through properly.

Recommended for those interested in a glimpse into others unlike yourself, Small Great Things is an incredible representation of how one person’s interpretation can be drastically changed when seen through another’s eye.


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