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The Dark Review

The Dark

GCL Books

October 25, 2021

Fantasy - Young Adult - Dystopia


Once again, darkness threatens the Islands of The Given. Only this time it is not only The Readers who bring the threat, but an ancient myth coming to reality. A true battle between good and evil; light versus dark. Determined to keep her family and friends safe, Jay believes she is the only hope of defeating The Dark. Will she have enough strength to destroy the darkness, or will the darkness destroy her?

In the third book of The Interland Series, The Dark, Gary Clark continues to exemplify his skill as a writer. His words paint an elaborate picture of a fantastical world. Plus, his attention to detail brings a story for all ages with no profanity and limited grammatical and spelling errors.

Yet, this tale was a little bit of a letdown. Unlike the previous books in the series, the story did not encompass the twists, turns, intrigue, and mystery. The narrative seemed to continue to repeat the same actions over and over with no results. This resulted in a slow-paced storyline, and a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

All in all, the third book of The Interland Series, should be seen as the transitional story from the distinctive battles of Island 8 to the loftier confrontations within all the Islands.

Thank you to #The Dark, #GaryClark, and #GCLBooks for the opportunity to read the advanced readers copy and give my honest review.


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