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The Devil's Breath Review

The Devil's Breath


August 16, 2021

Historical Fiction - Murder Mystery - Thriller


A murder has occurred. A normal event given Auschwitz is known to be an extermination camp. Yet, this effects the Kommandant directly as it was his lead accountant that was killed. Desperate to find the killer he turns to two people he never thought he could ever rely on, Jews.

Tom Hogan intertwines the innerworkings of the Nazi regime with the intrigue of a murder mystery in his book, The Devil’s Breath. With a focus on the mystery aspect, Tom was able to bring the historical factors to the forefront without taking away from the entertainment value. This unique aspect allowed the reader to learn about the Holocaust while engaging them to keep turning the pages.

Due to several profane words a rating of 4 out of 5 stars is awarded. However, given the atmosphere of the story and the neglect shown towards the main characters, a little profanity should be granted.

As with most novels regarding the Holocaust, a gruesome picture of inhumane treatment, both in life and death, of prisoners is portrayed. Please take caution as some events are difficult to grasp.

Overall, a compelling murder mystery wrapped in the historical tragedies of World War II.

Thank you to #BookSirens, #TheDevilsBreath, and #TomHogan, for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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