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The Eden Conspiracy Review

The Eden Conspiracy

Wanderlust Publishing

July 18, 2016

Science Fiction - Dystopia - Young Adult


Caught in a web of numerous truths and lies, Kate Brandeis is struggling to make sense of everything. Trying to understand how her whole world has been flipped upside down when she awakens from the mind control of the Potentate is just the beginning.

Consumed with the loss of over 700 refugees, she is shocked to find out her presumed dead fiancé is actually alive. Confused and wondering who she truly is, she becomes determined to find a way to release the citizens of The Republic from the brainwashing of the Potentate. Follow along as Kate battles to untangle it all.

Yet again, C.A. Gray creates an immersive story in The Eden Conspiracy. A perfect transition from the first book of the trilogy to a thrilling buildup towards the third. The intensity of not only the action-packed scenes, but the bonds between the characters keeps the pages turning.

A little slow to begin, it takes some time to get the storyline moving. However, the intricacies and details are needed for preparation of the full-on extreme ride the second half brings. Plus, with no profanity nor sexual content as well as no spelling and grammatical errors, a well-deserved 5 out of 5 stars is the result.

Be forewarned, this book ends with a banger of a cliffhanger. So much so, the fact the third and final volume, The Phoenix Project, is already published was a huge relief as the anticipation of continuing was extinguished.

Thank you to #TheEdenConspiracy, #CAGray, and #WanderlustPublishing for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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