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The Given Review

The Given

GCL Books

February 18, 2021

Fantasy - Young Adult - Dystopia


Jay just turned eighteen and her powers are really starting to become more and more difficult to suppress. Yet, with the constant threat of being captured by the state and forcibly changed into a Reader, she knows something needs to be done. Surrounded by the support of her two best friends, Stitch and Cassie, along with her brother, Sammy, they take off in search of the mythical Interland. With their intuition and the stories told to them as their guide, will the Interland truly be a saving grace?

Gary Clark’s The Given is the first of The Interland trilogy. Gary surrounds the reader with explicit imagery and details ensuring the world within is all that is seen. Although largely focused on character development, the nuances, mystery, and adventure keep the pages turning.

Aside from borderline profanity and a few spelling and grammatical errors, there are little aspects that took away from a perfect rating. Nonetheless, personally specified parameters permit a 4 out of 5 stars.

Overall, a fabulous introduction to the world of “The Given”, and looking forward to continuing on the journey with Jay, Sammy, Stitch, and Cassie.

Thank you to #VoraciousReaders, #TheGiven, #GaryClark, and #GCLBooks, for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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