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The Great Alone Review

The Great Alone

St. Martin's Press

February 2020

Historical Fiction


What a fantastic book to get a feeling for the vastness, beauty, and dangers within state of Alaska. The descriptions were so vivid and I was truly transported. Alaska has always been somewhere I have wanted to visit, and this book verified it would not disappoint.

The plot, for me however, moved too slow. The survivorship, tenacity, and loyalty Leni, Cora & Matthew face is immeasurable and I envied their strength. Yet, I felt the story really didn’t take off until at least 60% of the way through. I found myself saying “Really?!? This again?!?” Which understandably I have never been in the situations Leni and her mother, Cora experienced so who I am to judge.

Although an amazing and inspirational book of strength and love can conquer all, I just wish it would have moved through at a little hastier pace.


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