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The Line Becomes a River: Dispatches from the Border Review

The Line Becomes a River: Dispatches from the Border

Riverhead Books

February 6, 2018



A book about border patrol, who would want to read that? Well, that's what I thought before I read this book, and I'm amazed with how much I was impacted by it.

I am the last person who would have ever chosen to read this book, but as part of a reading challenge, I began reading it. By the end of the first section, I was so intrigued with Fransico and his personal experience that I sent this book to my dad for him to read as well. Section two brought tears to my eyes as I read about some of what happens. Then on to section three and the personal aspect brought to the pages, I was saddened and angry and confused as to how this could be happening.

This book not only brings a vast amount of political history to the pages, but pulls the reader in to the personable aspect as well. Reading Francisco's experience with the border patrol makes me want to find ways to help others. I think that was part of why Francisco wrote this book: to open our eyes and hearts to those around us. Please make sure to not only read this book, but to look at the amazing organizations mentioned at the end that are working towards making a better place for us all.


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