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The Phoenix Project Review

The Phoenix Project

Wanderlust Publishing

March 20, 2017

Science Fiction - Dystopia - Young Adult


Kate Brandeis is brainwashed. Again.

This time the Potentate is using targeted mind control. He also moved her into the palace so he can ensure the manipulation is effective. Yet, Kate is overwhelmed with the new information and cannot figure out which thoughts are real. Resulting in consistent panic attacks, Kate fears that she is losing her mind. Will she be able to break through, or has the Potentate succeeded in overtaking her?

An epic continuation of The Liberty Box Trilogy, C.A. Gray’s The Phoenix Project keeps one on their toes. Bursting with unexpected curve balls, being consumed by the tale of Kate, Jackson, and the rest of the refugees cannot be helped. Immersed, one can only keep the pages turning until they know how the story ends.

With the exclusion of sexual content and no spelling and grammatical errors, Gray continues to showcase her writing acuity. However, this novel does include some borderline profanity. Although not enough to interfere with the pace of the storyline, a 4 out of 5 stars is the outcome.

A well-executed completion of the trilogy, The Phoenix Project does not leave anything unresolved. Overall, a satisfying ending to a thrilling adventure.

Thank you to #ThePhoenixProject, #CAGray, and #WanderlustPublishing for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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