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The SEPA Project Review

The SEPA Project


April 16, 2021

Fantasy - Dystopia - Adventure


In the near distant future, the world as we know it, ceases to exist. Separated by a dome, inhabitants are broken into two groups. Those considered prosperous (Bhutanese) live within the dome and those less fortunate (Banjarians) are forced to fend for themselves in the barren desert. The decision makers of this new domain make up the three branches of government, all of which descend from The Family.

Although there is a definite divide, they all live by the motto “break bread, not bones.” To help keep this culture of peace, The Family has created the SEPAs. The go-betweens, SEPAs trade water and other supplies between the barriers of the dome. They are also trained to deescalate any rebels threatening the way of life. The SEPAs are a special group, but none can compare to SEPA 288.

Jillian Moody’s The SEPA Project is an unequivocal dystopian tale. Keeping readers entranced, Jillian creates a comprehensive scene of vast terrains, exquisite palaces, desolate wastelands, and everything in between. Include a storyline of unimaginable pain, deception, courage, and strength; this is a novel that keeps you coming back.

Though a limited amount of spelling and grammatical errors is revealed, a recognizable amount of borderline profanity is within. Plus, there is no descriptive sexual content but innuendos of sexual misconduct and abuse are present. Therefore, a rating of 4 out of 5 stars is given.

Please note, there are some very troubling and difficult to read depictions within these pages. If any of the following may cause you distress, read with caution: poisoning, genocide, isolation, tsunamis, arranged marriage, starvation, dehydration, war, mangled and bloody bodies, knife violence, death of child, betrayal, deceit, manipulation, prison, thievery, missing person, murder, bound and gagged, physical attack, sexual harassment, rape, alcohol assumption, hand to hand combat, orphan, fugitive, suicide, slavery, affair, viral outbreak, arrest, claustrophobia, helicopter crash, panic attacks, amputation, delirium, depression, mania, and execution.

A remarkable launch, The SEPA Project is a depiction of magnificent storytelling.

Thank you to #TheSepaProject, #TheSEPASeries, and #JillianMoody, for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

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