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Transcendent Kingdom Review

Transcendent Kingdom


September 1, 2020

Women's Fiction


This book is written through the mind of a twenty-eight year old student intern working on her doctorate... I think.

Gifty is a very intelligent woman. She's working on her third (or fourth) medical paper on her research with mice and how addiction effects the brain. She is trying to understand not only the physiological aspects, but the psychological, spiritual, and any other aspect that may have an effect. Her drive of her research is to find out what causes addiction, how to prevent it, how to cure it, and ultimately why it effected her brother.

Although eloquently written, I struggled with following along with the story. It constantly jumped around from present, to past, to one location to another... sometimes even in the same sentence! It was an intriguing read and I understood the concept of it trying to portray. I just don't feel it was executed the way it was intended, or maybe it was and that's the point.


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