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Witch Ascendant Review

Witch Ascendant

Skazka Press

December 31, 2021

Fantasy - Paranormal - Witch - Young Adult


Cordelia Keller is a fugitive trying to prove her innocence, part of a secret task force, and the only one able to save the world. Oh, and let’s not forget the man she has fallen for has gone missing. What is more, the people she considered family are the bad guys she is fighting against! How did her life come to this?!?

The last book in The Blackwood Supernatural Prison Series, Valia Lind’s Witch Ascendant, is a conclusion followers of the series deserve. Not only did Valia keep to the magical, unpredictable, and affectionate escapades she is known for, but she provided resolutions for all the problems.

Also, true to Valia’s writing capabilities, a limited amount of spelling and grammatical errors is involved. Plus, profanity and sexual content are excluded. So, as deserved, a rating of 5 out of 5 stars is the result.

Due to the series revolving around a supernatural prison, please take caution if any of the following actions may cause you distress: sword and knife violence, missing person, wrongfully accused, incarceration, murder, hand to hand combat, abandonment, paranoia, break-ins, betrayal, deceit, fugitive, torture, bombs, charred flesh, mangled and bloody bodies, sacrifice, body shutting down, explosions, coma, and numbers tattooed on arm.

An extraordinary finale to the Blackwood Supernatural Series, Witch Ascendant, has book lovers wondering what comes next within the Skazka Sphere.

Thank you to #WitchAscendant, #BlackwoodSupernaturalPrisonSeries, and #ValiaLind, for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

*Please note to fully obtain the top experience intended, this series is best read in consecutive order.

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