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Witch Condemned Review

Witch Condemned


April 30, 2020

Fantasy - Paranormal - Witch - Young Adult


Inmate number 483285, or as she likes to call herself Cordelia “Cordy” Keller, has been convicted for the murder of her best friend. Of course, she is innocent. All she has to do is follow through on her plan to escape so she can find the true murderer and enact her revenge.

That is until she throws a couple punches at a fellow inmate and ends up in isolation. Granted the irresistible warden assigned to her is an added perk, but it does put a damper on her plan, or so she thought. When he helps her escape, the attraction is not the only thing that gets heated.

Instantaneously become captivated by magic, adventure, mystery and a hint of romance in Valia Lind’s, Witch Condemned. A brilliant display, Valia skillfully articulates a story that grabs hold and does not let go, even after the last word of the final page.

Include a lack of profanity, sexual content, and a minimal amount of spelling and grammatical errors and you have a book that is appropriate for all to enjoy. Without a doubt, a rating of 5 out of 5 stars is awarded.

Given the series is called Blackwood Supernatural Prison, some readers may be affected by some of the following actions: false imprisonment, hand to hand combat, isolation, inmate number tattooed on arm, murder, betrayal, fugitive, blood, and shattered bones.

A pronounced start to The Blackwood Supernatural Prison Series, Witch Condemned, leaves readers wanting more, especially given the mind-blowing cliffhanger.

Thank you to #WitchCondemned, #BlackwoodSupernaturalPrisonSeries, and #ValiaLind, for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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