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Castaways Review


Boo's Books

February 14, 2018

Adventure - Christian - Young Adult


Emily Rogers is your typical teenage girl, or so she thought. Moving from one city to the next, following her family’s business ventures is her normal. Sure, when her family decides to move to the other side of the pond, she is not ecstatic about it, but she sucks it up and goes along with the plan.

So, when the cruise ship she is traveling on drowns into the depths of the ocean, she is forced to embark on an expedition which reveals her true self. Stranded on a deserted island with her two younger cousins, and a boy she just met, she learns there is much more than what meets the eye.

Jes Drew captivates her readers with the first book of The Castaway Trilogy. Written through the eyes of an adolescent female; the nuances, quirks, ramblings, and downright humor keeps one continually desiring more.

Although there are several spelling and grammatical errors, this does not interfere with the understanding and quick pace of the story. Even the Christian references add a humbling presence within the pages. Nonetheless, a 4 out of 5 stars is the result.

Emily and her friends are involved in some very daunting and horrific experiences. Please read with caution if any of the following may cause you discomfort: betrayal, groping, mugging, physical harm, drowning, panic attacks, PTSD, suicidal habits, torpedoes, sinking ship, depression, sleepwalking, seizures, rejection, death of parents, quick sand, paranoia, hypothermia, hurricanes, claustrophobia, slavery, lynching, gun violence, and Nazis.

If you are looking for adventure, mystery, and plenty of surprises, then Jes Drew’s Castaways is for you. An excellent introduction to The Castaways Trilogy, this is one you do not want to overlook.

Thank you to #Castaways, #TheCastawayTrilogy, #JesDrew, and #BoosBooks for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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