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Death at Greenway Review

Death at Greenway

William Morrow

October 12, 2021

Historical Fiction - Mystery


The year, 1941. Hitler has expanded his war on London. Air raids are occurring daily, destroying homes and businesses; taking loved ones. Parents are unable to care for their children, due to mandatory civic duty. Who will take care of the children?

Bridey Kelly wants to be a nurse, and has begun her training. Yet, when she oversteps her duties, her supervisor encourages another assignment: assistance with healthy evacuee children. Desperate to return to her training, she does not correct the assumption of being a certified nurse.

Mrs. Arbuthnot is determined to save England by “molding children into proper British citizens”. However, she has to ensure their safety first. Therefore, when she has the ability to evacuate ten children to the secluded home of Agatha Christie, arrangements are made.

In Death at Greenway, Lori Rader-Day brings the true story of Agatha Christie opening her home to evacuee children to life in this historical fiction. Mixing truth, imagination, and a little mystery to chronicle the “simple” people, this novel is history with a twist of “Clue”.

With little to no profanity, sexual content, or spelling and grammatical errors, Lori is an exquisite writer. However, the tale is filled with lots of dialogue and not enough intrigue. This led to a slow-moving plot, and a struggle to finish. None the less, a rating of 4 out of 5 stars is awarded.

All in all, Death at Greenway is a well-written and researched book with a slight unexpected curve. Recommended for those interested in the untold stories of World War II, the account of what happened in Greenway with astonish you.

Thank you to #NetGalley, #SceneOfTheCrime, and #WilliamMorrow for the free advanced reading copy in exchange for my honest review.


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