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Diary of an Angry Young Man Review

Diary of an Angry Young Man


August 15, 2021

Crime - Drama - New Adult


When Raghav was a boy, he suffered several tragedies that altered his young life. There were riots breaking out in front of his home, his mother passed away, he was consistently bullied, and worse of all, he was raped by one of his neighbors.

Fast forward, and not much has changed in his adult life. He is unemployed, living with his emotionally abusive father, and struggling to find his purpose. That is until he meets Rani, a little girl living on the streets who just lost her mother to tuberculosis. Determined to save the young girl, he jumps into action only to be met with hostility. Will he be able to change the course of Rani’s life, or will it be the end for those Raghav is trying to protect?

Rishi Vohra brings instances most shy away from into the spotlight with Diary of an Angry Young Man. Inspired by true events, Rishi molds atrocities with a passionate tale. He takes his readers on a journey filled with chaos, fear, and defeat then transforms it into an exploration of kindness, friendship, and hope.

With an absence of spelling and grammatical errors, Rishi demonstrates his competence as a writer. Nonetheless, since borderline profanity, general descriptions of sexual abuse, plus references to religion are included, a rating of 4 out of 5 stars is awarded.

This novel hits on numerous hardships some children in India are forced into. Therefore, please take caution if any of the following may cause distress: bullying, sexual harassment, poverty, riots, confinement, racism, physical and sexual abuse (both adult and adolescent), threats, stabbing, arrested, murder, drug and alcohol use, prostitution, asthmatic death, rape (adolescent and gang), street fighting, bombings, terrorist attacks, hostages, corrupt cops, police beatings, tuberculosis, amputation, orphans, homelessness, slavery, sale of children, mutilated and bloody bodies, missing person, abandonment, and gun and knife violence.

An exceptional story revolving around child innocence and the adults who take advantage. Diary of an Angry Young Man brings awareness that anyone can make a difference, all one needs to do is try.

Thank you to #DiaryOfAnAngryYoungMan and #RishiVohra for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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