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Faction of Time Review

Faction of Time


April 5, 2019

Fantasy - Young Adult


Grumbled, a time archivist, has been best friends with Roue, a Satural Lily, since they were little. As time moved forward, Grumbled’s feelings grew, but unfortunately, Roue’s did not. So, when Gara comes around, and steals Roue’s attention, Grumbled comes up with a plan to get Gara out of the picture.

Yet, The Father of Time, Khronos, has other plans. Claiming to be Grumbled’s biological father, he tells Grumbled of a prophecy in which Grumbled is to kill Gara, saving the world from ultimate death. When Gara is kidnapped, and Roue resolves she is going to find him, Grumbled decides to go along. Will Grumbled risk losing his best friend to save the world?

Filled with monstrous adventure, trickery, deceit, and sacrifice, Tilly Tiason’s Faction of Time is a whirlwind. Not only is the reader swept into a world of mythical creatures and lands, but she puts a twist on the known tales and creates all new characters smothered with intrigue.

None the less, the plot line was difficult to follow. The scenes jumped around a lot and there was a lot of pointless rambling. In addition, there were more than enough uses of profane language and the grammatical errors were distracting. In the end, a rating of 3 out of 5 stars is awarded.

Although written in a world of fantasy, some events referenced are things related to our world. Therefore, please take caution if triggered by any of these events: murder, violence, alcohol use, gruesome descriptions of dead bodies, and suicide.

Overall, a fantasy filled with an interesting concept and lots of twists and turns. However, it could have been better organized to create a more unforgettable story.

Thank you to #VoraciousReadersOnly, #FactionOfTime, #TillyTiason, and #Bowker for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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