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Miller Avenue Murder Review

Miller Avenue Murder

Sleuth Press

September 15, 2021

Mystery - Thriller - Suspense


Murders just do not happen in small town, Tillamook. Yet, when a fifty-year-old woman, was found stabbed and strangled to death in her home, the town gets shook.

Rachel Olson is the lead detective on the case. Being only her second murder investigation, her colleagues wonder if she is up for the task. Determined to prove she is the right woman for the job, she has numerous obstacles, or dare she say people, that keep getting in her way. Will she be able to solve the case before others within the community screw everything up?

In Miller Avenue Murder, Nenny May writes from the different perspectives of several characters impacted by a murder. Nenny cleverly showcases how the actions of one can impact another, causing a ripple effect throughout. Not only does this type of writing keep readers on their toes, it throws every one of their theories out the window.

None the less, confusion arose given the number of characters being followed. At times, the storyline was difficult to comprehend due to the constant changes in character views. In addition, an overuse of profanity, moderate sexual content, plus grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors, led to a challenging read. Therefore, a rating of 3 out of 5 stars is awarded.

Caution is recommended for the following triggers: murder, prostitution, adultery, alcohol use, schizophrenia, depression, postpartum depression, hallucinations, misogyny, assault.

In a nut shell, a great mystery with an ending you never saw coming.

Thank you to #VoraciousReadersOnly, #MillerAvenueMurder #NennyMay and #SleuthPress for the opportunity to review this book.


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