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Mystic Pieces Review

Mystic Pieces

Empress Books

January 11, 2021

Mystery - Cozy - Fantasy - Paranormal


Aluminum “Aly” Reynolds is a scientist. So, when she touches an opal ring and is “transported” to the scene of a car accident, she does not quite believe the likelihood of being a psychic. However, when her boss is arrested for a murder, Aly wonders if her new found ability will help her find the true killer. Can she accept this new reality and solve the case?

Swiftly get caught in the craziness that is Aly’s life in Ada Bell’s Mystic Pieces. A murder mystery with a touch of fantasy, this story will make you think you have figured it out, only to end up second guessing everything. Toss in a small-town flare, and you will instantly catch yourself falling for the citizens of Shady Grove.

Aside from the two instances of profanity, a few formatting and grammatical errors, and a slightly slower pace throughout the middle, this story would have been a perfect 5 stars. Yet, staying true to the rating template used, a 4 out of 5 stars is awarded.

Since this book revolves around a murder, some actions may cause distress. If any of the following may be triggering to you, please take caution. Car accident, shoplifting, psychotic break, hallucinations, brain damage, break in, murder, roofie, divorce, falsely accused, affairs, betrayal, kidnapping, and gun violence.

A cute and cozy introduction to the quirky and devoted characters, Mystic Pieces is the perfect first installment to the Shady Grove Psychic Mystery Series.

Thank you to #MysticPieces, #AdaBell, #Smashwords, and #EmpressBooks for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

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