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No One Will Miss Her Review

No One Will Miss Her

William Morrow

October 12, 2021

Thriller - Mystery


Think about it, if you could become someone else, who would you be? A celebrity? Someone you envy? What if it were possible?

Lizzie never fit in, living in her hometown of Copper Falls. The product of her mother marrying an outsider sealed that fate for her. Of course, living in the junkyard probably didn’t help, either. Although, marrying the hometown baseball hero, Dwayne, could help her popularity, right?

Adrienne is a celebrity, the wife to rich financial advisor Ethan Richards. She enjoys being in the spotlight even if it happens to be negative, just look at her Instagram. Yet, everyone needs some time away from the tabloids and Lizzie’s lakeside cabin is the perfect place to unwind.

When Detective Ian Bird is called to the lake house for his latest investigation, he follows the clues. Leading to an open and shut case, there is something he can’t quite put his finger on. Is it lack of sleep, something he is missing, or simply reading too much into it?

In No One Will Miss Her, Kat Rosenfield writes through the minds of Lizzie, Adrienne, and Detective Bird. Allowing her readers to see the same situation from different angles, bringing an imaginative aspect to the psychological mystery.

Intwined with miscarriage, domestic abuse, animal abuse, drunk driving, alcoholism, drug addiction, bullying, racism, and murder this book can be triggering. Please take caution, if any of these may cause you alarm.

A story with several repetitive recollections, the tale is filled with lots of words and a slow-moving plot. In addition, a predictable outcome was laid out due to a lack of intricate tribulations. Plus, the book is overflowing with an unnecessary amount of profanity and light sexual content leading to a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

Overall, an intriguing storyline with potential that unfortunately missed its mark.


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