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Once Upon A Witch Review

Once Upon A Witch


February 5, 2021

Mystery - Cozy - Paranormal - Witch


Cassandra “Cassie” Duke is an interior designer in Chicago. At least she was until her magic got in the way and she was fired. Feeling defeated, she moves back to her small hometown of Monroe Cove and into her Auntie Grace’s Crooked Windows Inn.

Hoping to settle her magic and reset her ambitions, she looks forward to relaxing and taking things slow. However, her magic has other plans. When a local, Mabel, dies at the inn Cassie is haunted, literarily, by the deceased. Will Cassie be able to solve the case before time runs out or will she be haunted forever?

A true testament to the definition of a cozy mystery, Valia Lind’s Once Upon A Witch is spot on. Not only does the story keep you on your toes while trying to figure out “who done it”, there is also a quirkiness to it that keeps you laughing as the pages turn. Throw in the wonders of magic, and dare to say it, a little romance, and this introduction to the Crooked Windows Inn Mystery Series has you hooked.

Written without any profanity, sexual content, plus few spelling and grammatical errors, this novel is perfect for any reader. A rating of 5 out of 5 stars is the least this book deserves.

Thank you to #BookSirens, #OnceUponAWitch, and #ValiaLind for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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