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Perception and Deception III Review

Perception and Deception III

Special Agent Publishing House

May 14, 2020

Fiction - Crime - Mystery - Action


Faith Mathis (previously Faith Evans), is now married to Ashton! Excited to start their “normal” lives together, they begin figuring out what their responsibilities look like without RLIP.

Then Mr. Harrison shows up. At first, Faith rejects Mr. Harrison’s offer to work another case. That is until she finds out the case is about Wolf’s grandson being kidnapped. Given the help they offered her and Ashton when she went missing, she knows she has to step up.

Thrown into a very personal case, Faith, Ashton, Juro, and Wolf grab the reader’s attention and do not let go in Andrea Hintz’s Perception and Deception III. A deeper look into the intimate aspects of the characters, Andrea creates a feeling of being wrapped in the arms of a loving family that would do anything for one another.

Incorporate her ability to write modestly, there is an absence of profanity and sexual content. In addition, spelling nor grammatical errors are included. Nonetheless, there are a couple of instances where prayer and praise towards Jesus are mentioned. However, Andrea is very open with her beliefs and this should be expected to be shown in her writings. Therefore, a rating of 5 out of 5 stars is granted.

As spy series usually go, some actions may cause concern. These may include: kidnapping, drugs, deceit, hand to hand combat, and gun violence.

Yet again, Andrea shows her unending ability to bring forth another story that her readers cannot help to connect with in her book Perception and Deception III. Another great addition to the series, this reader is excited to keep it going with the next one.

Thank you to #PerceptionandDeceptionIII, #SpecialAgentPublishingHouse, and #AndreaHintz for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

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