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Perception and Deception IV Review

Perception and Deception IV

Special Agent Publishing House

December 9, 2020

Fiction - Crime - Mystery - Action


Faith Mathis has finally accepted that being an agent for RLIP, is her “normal”. Added bonus, her husband, Ashton, has joined the agency as well. Yet, before they start their adventure together as agents, they want to enjoy their journey as newlyweds. So, when a teenage boy shows up on their doorstep stating Juro is in trouble they end their celebration and jump in to action.

Introducing a couple new characters to the mix, Andrea Hintz entwines a glimpse of the past with the hope of the future in her novel Perception and Deception IV. Readers are immediately swept into an action-packed tale, chockfull of unforeseen twists. Add in a profound illustration into her main characters’ psyche, and it quickly becomes a book you do not want to put down.

Furthermore, Andrea shares her love for Christ with a few occurrences of prayer, praise, and cross jewelry. Although Jesus is mentioned, the focus is on the connection between her characters, especially during a time of great loss.

As Andrea ensures her stories are appropriate for all readers, the use of profanity and sexual content is eliminated. Incorporate her attention to detail and errors containing spelling or grammar are not found. Thus, a rating of 5 out of 5 stars is given.

Please take caution if any of these actions may cause concern: home invasion, incarceration, missing child, car accident, witness protection, kidnapping, bullying, run away child, alcohol and drug consumption, death of child, memory issues, deceit, hand to hand combat, and gun violence.

Customary to Andrea’s expressive gifts, Perception and Deception IV is another exceptional addition to her Spy Series.

Thank you to #PerceptionandDeceptionIV, #SpecialAgentPublishingHouse, and #AndreaHintz for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

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