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Seer Today, Gone Tomorrow Review

Seer Today, Gone Tomorrow

Empress Books

December 6, 2021

Mystery - Cozy - Fantasy - Paranormal


Aly and her brother have stopped keeping secrets; from each other that is. Now having a better understanding of their abilities, they are able to put time into what is important… bringing Katrina’s killer to justice.

However, that is easier said than done. When an earthquake hits, a series of odd events occur. Well, odder than usual for the people of Shady Grove. Sidetracked with finding the owner of the newly opened pet store and caring for the distraught rabbit found at said pet store, Aly wonders if her sister-in-law’s murderer will ever be found. Toss in her powers going AWOL, and these may quickly become a couple of cases she may not be able to crack.

Ada Bell has once again wrapped her readers in pure joy with Seer Today, Gone Tomorrow. The fourth installment to the Shady Grove Psychic Mystery Series, this story focuses more on the magic, family history, and the ever-growing plot revolving around Katrina’s death. Add in a lack of profanity, sexual content, nor spelling and grammatical errors, and Ada’s proficiency as a writer comes through.

Similar to Ada’s other three books, Katrina’s case flows throughout the series, while another incident is at the forefront. However, the situation of the missing pet store owner seemed a little forced, taking away from the fascination of the underlying storyline. Therefore, a rating of 4 out of 5 stars is awarded.

If any of the following actions may upset you, please read with caution: affair, divorce, kidnapping, hostages, earthquake, betrayal, deceit, death of mother, gambling, loan sharks, financial fraud, theft, vandalism, disappearance of loved one, involuntarily rehabilitation, assault, and murder.

An addition to the ongoing investigation into Katrina’s killer, Seer Today, Gone Tomorrow brings much more clarity to the situation. So, make sure to snag it on December 6, 2021 when it releases.

Thank you to #SeerTodayGoneTomorrow, #ShadyGrovePsychicMysterySeries, #AdaBell, and #EmpressBooks for the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy and give my honest review.

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