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Targets Review


Boo's Books

June 5, 2018

Adventure - Christian - Young Adult


The Masters have been caught. All that is left is to get through the trial and The Rogers and Company can finally get back to a life without running. Yet, why is Emily experiencing all these freak accidents that almost take her life? Is there someone else out there trying to finish what the Masters’ started?

Follow along as Emily, with her family and friends, concludes her summer of chaos in Jes Drew’s, Targets. The final installment of The Castaway Trilogy, Drew never ceases to bring the unexpected and keep her readers enthralled. Complete with her usual lack of profanity and sexual content, along with her Christian faith at the forefront, this story is made for the young, old, and everyone in between.

Though the storyline is intriguing, the technicalities of writing bring the rating down to a 4 out of 5 stars. Spelling and grammatical errors overtake the ability to fully absorb oneself into the story. Plus, the multiple narratives and constant scene changes affect the capability to track all that is happening.

Nonetheless, Targets is a thrilling, fast-paced adventure which will keep you guessing. As the resolution to The Castaway Trilogy, Emily’s attraction for trouble is finally brought to an end. Or is it…

Please read with caution if any of the following may cause distress: shipwreck, castaway, incarceration, court trial, protective custody, execution, lynching, run aways, tax evasion, orphan, mugging, drowning, hurricanes, kidnaping, sleepwalking, paranoia, alcohol consumption, tornado, gun violence, assault, hostage, night terrors, slander, slavery, poisoned dart, excruciating pain, hallucinations, comatose, depression, prejudice, assassination attempt.

Thank you to #Targets, #TheCastawayTrilogy, #JesDrew, and #BoosBooks for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

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