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The Day I Died Review

The Day I Died

William Morrow

April 11, 2017

Mystery - Suspense


What happens when you die? Does the town you grew up in move on without you? Do the people in your life stop living? Does the world keep spinning?

Anna is a handwriting specialist living in the small town of Parks, Indiana. Hired to help with the case of a missing two-year-old, she fears her animosity may be at risk. She has been so careful, she has made all the right moves, she cannot expose herself and jeopardize all she has worked so hard to protect. Yet, when her thirteen-year-old son disappears, her worst fear comes to fruition.

Lori Rader-Day’s The Day I Died is an enticing thriller that will keep you questioning all the way to end. Although a little sluggish to start, Lori lures the reader in with little mysteries throughout her writing, leading to an inability to stop until the truth has been revealed.

Revolving around abduction, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and murder this book can be triggering. Please be wary if affected by any of these events, and as Lori Rader-Day mentions in her acknowledgements, reach out for help if needed.

With borderline profanity and some slow spots within the story, a rating of 4 out of 5 stars is given.

None the less, would recommend to those wanting to be wrapped up in a mystery thriller. The Day I Died is perfect for anyone who knows you do not mess with a mama bear.


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