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The Eighth Road Review

The Eighth Road

Two Tales Press

October 31, 2021

Fantasy - Urban - Magic - Mystery


Sophia Thorne, is aware of her magical abilities. Forced to complete excruciating tasks her mother requires of her; she knows it’s the only way to keep her sister protected. Yet, how far will Sophia need to go to ensure her sister is safe?

Follow Sophia as she recounts the unfathomable actions of her mother as well as searches for answers left by her father in Joss Walker’s The Eighth Road. A prequel to the Jayne Thorne, CIA Librarian Series, readers get to see events from Sophia’s perspective.

Nonetheless, there are a few instances of profanity. Add that to being a short story of only fifty-seven pages and the little bit of use seems slightly overdone. So, given these parameters a rating of 4 out of 5 stars is awarded.

An excellent addition, The Eighth Road supplies clarity to unanswered questions readers may be seeking from the first book of the series.

Thank you to #TheEighthRoad, #JayneThorneCIALibrarianSeries #JossWalker, #RLPerez, and #TwoTalesPress for the opportunity to read this short story and give my honest review.

*Co-writer: R.L. Perez

Review of the first book in this series, Tomb of the Queen, can be found at:


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