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The Scry's the Limit Review

The Scry's the Limit

Empress Books

March 8, 2021

Mystery - Cozy - Fantasy - Paranormal


Aly Reynolds has once again found herself caught up in another murder mystery. While on a walk, she happens upon a body buried in a shallow grave. When she gets a vision from a button near the body, she realizes she knows the victim. Determined to find the person responsible for the death of her favorite professor, Aly works on enhancing her psychic skills. Will she be able to control her abilities and find the answers she seeks?

Be enchanted as the small town of Shady Grove comes to life in Ada Bell’s The Scry’s the Limit. As with many murder mysteries, figuring out “who done it” is part of the enjoyment and Ada does not disappoint in this category. Constantly throwing one curve ball after the other readers are continually surprised. Mix in a combination of paranormal psychic abilities with a touch of romance and this story is difficult to put down.

Plus, add in an absence of profanity, sexual content, nor spelling and grammatical errors, and Ada excels in exhibiting her proficiency as a writer. Therefore, as deserved, a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars is easily awarded.

Given murder is at the forefront, please take caution if any of the following actions may cause you distress: house fire, racism, addiction, involuntary rehabilitation, homicide, murder, betrayal, deceit, and gun violence.

The second book of the Shady Grove Psychic Mystery Series, The Scry’s the Limit is an engaging mystery with a hint of fantasy and a twist of fun.

Thank you to #TheScrysTheLimit, #ShadyGrovePsychicMysterySeries, #AdaBell, and #EmpressBooks for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

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