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The Sister-in-Law Review

The Sister-in-Law

William Morrow

August 10, 2021

Thriller - Mystery - Suspense


What do you get when you add a wife to a close sibling relationship... suicide or murder?

Harper loves her husband, but when she finds him dead on her living room couch with a note explaining why he did it, she turns to the one person she knows she can truly trust.

Lane, a nurse who wants to do everything in his power to protect his younger sister, but who also needs to focus on his new found love of his life and her growing belly.

Candace is a deeply misunderstood woman who has grown up with nothing but pain in her life. All she wants is to keep a firm grasp on the love she finally found.

In Pamela Crane's "The Sister-in-Law", you will be quickly entwined with the chaos of her characters. You will move through the nuances, quirks, bitterness, pain, revenge, and unknowns thinking you have it all figured out, just to have another wrench thrown in to your theory. Her writing keeps you guessing all the way to the end.


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