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Third Witch's the Charm Review

Third Witch's the Charm

Skazka Press

November 30, 2021

Mystery - Cozy - Paranormal - Witch


In the six months since Cassandra “Cassie” Duke has moved back to Monroe Cove, she has solved two murders. Ready for a break, Cassie and her best friend, Penny, go on a much-needed vacation. Upon arriving they quickly find Finn and his brother, Dean, in the neighboring bungalow. Much to Cassie’s surprise, she finds this was a sneaky plan Penny had made.

Determined to relax, Cassie does let the addition of the boys to their girls’ trip interfere with her plans. However, a phantom within her dreams has other ideas. When she finds the man haunting her dreams dead in the pool house and Dean becomes a suspect, she concedes to her usual sleuthing. Will she be able to find the true killer and salvage her vacation?

Valia Lind intrigues her readers with the third book of the Crooked Windows Inn Murder Mystery Series, Third Witch’s the Charm. Yet again, Valia demonstrates her efficiency as a writer with a limited amount of spelling and grammatical errors. Plus, her elimination of profanity and sexual content allows this novel to be appropriate for the young, the old, and everyone in between.

However, this storyline moves a little slower than Valia’s other books in the series. Although reasonably paced, the story dried up a little in the middle. In addition, the mystery seemed a little too easy to figure out. Luckily, the characters pulled it all together in the end, but 4 out of 5 stars is the rating.

As this is a murder mystery, there are several actions that may cause one distress. Please read with caution if affected by any of the following: dead body, amnesia, scandal, deceit, betrayal, disappearance of loved one, heart attack, hauntings, flooding, hurricane, gash on head, bleeding out, blackmailing, thievery, gun violence, incarceration, and murder.

Overall, Third Witch’s the Charm is a continuation of Valia’s murder mystery series in which the main character finds her true self. Nonetheless, be forewarned as an unexpected development will leave you longing the November 2022 release of the fourth book.

Thank you to #ThirdWitchsTheCharm, #CrookedWindowsInnMysterySeries, #ValiaLind, and #SkazkaPress for the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy and give my honest review.

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