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Windswept Review



November 3, 2017

Fantasy - Magic - Adventure - Young Adult


An official gryphon rider of the Windsworn, Eva looks forward to a routine. One that will give her time to process all that she has recently learned; including the truth behind her heritage. However, destiny has another idea.

When an enemy of war is captured, Eva learns of the possibility that her biological father is alive. Determined to find her father and bring him home, she takes risks that may end life as she knows it forever. Will she be able to locate her father and uncover the answers she seeks?

A continuation of The Gryphon Riders Trilogy, Derek Alan Siddoway’s Windswept is the perfect transition. Derek not only ties the ongoing story throughout the trilogy, but he expertly adds an underlying plot that keeps his readers hooked to the words on the pages.

An adventure of battles both on the field and internally, Derek’s ability to compose an impressive storyline is apparent. Even though borderline profanity and a few grammatical and formatting errors are included, the amount is minimal. Therefore, a deserving rating of 5 out of 5 stars is awarded.

As this story revolves around a war, there are certain actions that may cause one distress. Some of these actions include: mangled and bloody bodies, slavery, raids, thievery, murder, assassination, death during childbirth, betrayal, foster care, prisoner of war, kidnapping, child abuse, and banishment.

A tale of epic proportions, Windswept is an addition to the Gryphon Riders Trilogy that not only can stand on its own, but also keeps you craving more. Looking forward to reading how the journey ends in the final installment, Windbreak.

Thank you to #Windswept, #GryphonRidersTrilogy, and #DerekAlanSiddoway for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.

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