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Worldwalker Review


Magnetra's Publishing, LLC

February 22, 2022

Fantasy - Dark - Young Adult


Adalyn loves her job working with the King’s chef in the kingdom of Pieruin. When she is asked to go out and find ingredients to await the arrival of the queen’s mother and sisters she does not hesitate. However, what she does not know is her whole world is about to change.

Discovering her ability as a worldwalker, Adalyn quickly becomes an asset to the kingdom. As more and more secrets are revealed, a motley crew made of two humans, a dwarf, an elf, and a ghost is formed. Can they come together to not only save the kingdom, but bring peace to all creatures as well?

Enter Pieruin a world full of secrets, allure, and surprises in Jamie Dalton’s Worldwalker. Jamie takes a typical fantasy world and flips it on its side. Through distinctive twists and turns and stunning imagery Jamie creates a world unlike any other. Leading her readers on an adventure one cannot easily predict, this story is tough to put down.

Focusing on character development to ensure a deep connection with her readers, the story does seem to move a little slow. Yet, overall, the characters are able to pull it through. Add in the absence of profanity and sexual content, and this story is recommended for fantasy readers of all ages. Therefore, as the book deserves, a rating of 5 out of 5 stars given.

Classified as a dark fantasy, one may find some actions to cause distress. Please read with caution if effected by any of the following: being held under water, hand to hand combat, sword and knife violence, disappearance of loved ones, blood, murder, genocide, and slavery.

A novel of impressive measures, it is challenging to apprehend how this novel could be Jamie Dalton’s debut. Nonetheless, this is a tale you do not want to pass up. So, make sure to mark your calendars on February 22, 2022 for its release.

Thank you to #Worldwalker, #TheBanneretSeres, #JamieDalton, #MagnetrasPublishingLLC and #StoryOrigin for the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy and give my honest review.


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