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Wrong Side of the Pack Review

Wrong Side of the Pack


November 1, 2021

Fantasy - Young Adult


Ramona lives a simple life. She is a receptionist at the vet clinic in town, caregiver to her depressed father, and in love with one, maybe two, werewolves.

When her family arrives one night, with her estranged mother, the life she has built comes crumbling down. Betrayed by her family and learning she is destined to become a hunter, Ramona becomes conflicted. Will she hunt down the loves of her life and support her family, or sacrifice her family for the loves of her life?

In Wrong Side of the Pack, Tilly Tiason brings a world of werewolves and hunters to life. Her descriptive words surround the reader creating an image one cannot help but be captivated with. Yet, the fantasy world is not the only aspect she brings to the forefront. Enfolded throughout are real-world issues women of color have to deal with every day, making this not only entertaining, but thought provoking as well.

However, all this information does lead to some disconnect. The thought processes of the main character are sporadic and contradictory, resulting in confusion. Add the unwarranted amount of profanity plus quite a few spelling and grammatical errors and a rating of 3 out of 5 stars in awarded.

As some actions of certain characters may cause some readers grief, please take caution if any of the following trigger you. Depression, bullying, sexual harassment, racism, sexism, profiling, abandonment, murder, and torture.

Overall, an attractive starter to the Hunted Blood Series and looking forward to the second book, Wrong Side of the Coven, scheduled to release June 2022.

Thank you to #WrongSideOfThePack, #HuntedBloodSeries, and #TillyTiason for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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