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Against the Glass Review

Against the Glass

feme Press

August 4, 2021

Women's Historical Fiction


Doctor Candance “Candy” Madeleine has broken many barriers and accomplished her goal of opening her own in vitro clinic. Considered an expert in the field as a reproductive endocrinologist, her road to victory was not an easy one.

Raised in a home of an overbearing Catholic traditionalist and educated by the strictness of nuns, Candy put all her energy into entomology, the study of bugs. Even with her mother’s constant badgering to get married and give birth to a girl in the month of January, a family tradition going back thousands of years, she kept to her studies. That is, until that one night in 1966, when everything changed.

Follow Candy on her venture through life from a sheltered child to a woman able to break free in Linda Habib’s Against the Glass. Rooted with history behind the evolution of abortions, infertility, and woman’s rights to their own bodies, this story produces heartbreak, compassion, and joy. Expertly written with little to no spelling or grammatical errors, and not one word of profanity, Linda demonstrates her talent as an author.

Yet, there were times the history interfered with the plotline. This made selected areas seem to drag and resulted in some struggle. However, in the end the characters pulled it through. All in all, a rating of 4 out of 5 stars is given.

None the less, this story does reveal details that could be very traumatic for some. Please use an abundance of caution if triggered by any of these events: physical and emotional abuse including that of a minor, abortion (both legal and illegal), hysterectomy, miscarriage, misogynism, sexual harassment, molestation, alcoholism, drug use, depression, and suicide attempts.

Overall, a captivating overview of the history of women’s rights to their own bodies wrapped in the intrigue of one woman’s struggles, courage, and strength. A must read for women everywhere.

Thank you to #AuthorsXP, #AgainstTheGlass, #LindaHabib, and #femePress for the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review.


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